TICA #1 Silver Spotted Bengal 2017-2018 & 2018- 2019

Our Kings

Here at Capstone Bengals we strive for health, beauty, temperament  and proper type in our bengals. We were very fortunate to have found two such wonderful boys for our breeding program.

About Asa

.We are pleased to announce Asa is now a Supreme Grand Champion.

Asa is an F5 bengal, meaning he is five generations away from the Asian Leopard Cat. Asa came to  us from the UK. Liz Smith did such a fabulous job breeding this boy and she has entrusted us with this wonderful boy and we thank her dearly. Asa was shown only four times as a kitten at TICA shows and acquired enough points to be ranked third best bengal kitten in the Southeast Region. He has started out his adult showing season well,  earning his Champion title at his very first show!  This boy is a joy to be around with personality plus and an extremely gentle and loving personality. We look forward to having silver babies from him late fall. We are so happy to have this incrediblle bengal.

Asa's Pedigree & UC Davis Test Results

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Asa PRA N:N (pdf)


Asa PK def N:N (pdf)


About Maxx

Maxx was the second bengal we purchased. He is a gorgeous seal lynx point bengal who is pure for spotting, meaning he will only produce spotted bengals, not marbles, regardless who he is bred to. Maxx had a fabulous pedigree with some of the finest bengal lineage.  He has fathered  two litters with Emmy, all beautiful brown spotted!  Maxx was shown as a kitten and did well but will stay home and produce some kittens for us at this time.

Maxx's Pedigree & UC Davis testing

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Maxx PK def N:N (pdf)


Maxx PRA N:N (pdf)