TICA #1 Silver Spotted Bengal 2017-2018 & 2018- 2019

Capsone Bengals IW SGC Silverstorm Ottos Legacy "Asa"

Capsone Bengals IW SGC Silverstorm Ottos Legacy "Asa"

Capsone Bengals IW SGC Silverstorm Ottos Legacy "Asa" Capsone Bengals IW SGC Silverstorm Ottos Legacy "Asa" Capsone Bengals IW SGC Silverstorm Ottos Legacy "Asa"

Premiere Quality Bengals Home of TICA #1 Silver Bengal !

The best health

Our cats are tested for PRA. PKdef, and HCM to ensure a healthy and happy life for all our precious bengals. All adults have genetic testing done at UC Davis. Test results are on each bengal's description on the King and Queens page. We also feed our bengals a raw diet made at home and recommend that you continue to feed a raw diet as well.

The best temperament.

We want our bengal cats and our bengal owners to love and enjoy our bengals to the utmost with sweet, playful and gentle personalities. This mean we spend countless hours socializing our kittens to love being with people. They are raised in our home with other cats and four dogs. They are one of the most exceptional exotic cat breeds

The best color and type.

We strive to breed a beautifully pelted and structurally sound bengal. We selectively breed to have amazing patterns and clarity of  coat. We love silver bengals and will be offering top quality silver bengal kittens. We will also have seal lynx point and brown spotted kittens. Large rosettes and  silky colors are gorgeous on our bengals.

Quality bengals are not inexpensive.

The old saying you get what you pay for holds true in the realm of bengals. There is so much that goes into breeding quality bengals. Starting with acquiring top quality breeding stock and good knowledge base in breeding and animal husbandry. The time and energy to ensure your bengal cats and kittens  are well socialized, to make and feed an appropriate raw home made diet. There are several necessary genetics tests such as PK-Def (Hemolytic Anemia), PRA (Bengal Blindness) and PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease)  that need to be done to ensure you are not breeding bengals with serious health defects. There are also yearly HCM screenings by veterinary cardiologists to ensure our bengals do not develop Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. In addition costs for litter and appropriate housing for breeding males, play structures, toys, ect.   At the end of the day  it is worth the time, energy and expense to have the privilege to have a part in breeding these wonderful and joyous pets.

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We attend many TICA shows mostly on the East Coast throughout the year.

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